Stripper Services in Ireland – Locations

Stripper Services in Ireland – Locations

Location, location ….stripper services

We cover all the Top Stag Party Locations. Kissing Telegrams will direct you to the top stripper services in Ireland. Strippers are like all the other professionals. There are those that know how to amaze a stag and those who are simply amateurs. How to find the real McCoy. It is simple. You need to get in touch with the right agency. Our team on the ground makes sure that every stag is happy and content after each and every performance.

Where can you find us?

We are based all over Ireland and offer professional stripper services for Stag parties, Birthday parties and corporate events. We are a stripper agency with a lot of professional dancers

Strippers Westport

From the Atlantic Coast with love. Sexy ladies to entertain the Stags in Westport

Strippers Limerick

The Shannon Estuary is the home of these water nymphs. Beware of imitations.

Strippers Cork

Rebels with a cause. Stag parties in Cork love these ladies

Strippers Kilkenny

Marble City Mondays. Strippers in Kilkenny that will make everything happen.

Strippers Dublin

Temple bar stripper services and much more. Here the name of the game is variety. Keep the Stags coming.

We are affiliated with Stripireland, the best Stripper Agency in Ireland. As a result we have access to a large data base of performers all over Ireland.