15 Jul 2020

Parties: Life Drawing Parties

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Life Drawing Parties for every season

From Christmas Parties to 21st Birthday Parties, Life Drawing Parties are always in fashion. While not for everybody, I bet that a party with a Life Drawing Model, nude on your couch will impress your guests. Yes, the sight of a picture-perfect model, muscles curves and looks, always causes a stir in the party. Combined with the casual scenery of prosecco and tasty bites, it can turn your 30th Birthday party into a unique event. Drawing is an ideal activity for any type of gathering. Obviously we will bring the easels and Art materials that you need. For an hour and a half you can focus on your artistic creation. Then the party can go whichever way you might want. Who knows, some of the guests might have a go at becoming nude models themselves 🙂

Drawing the nude body has always grabbed the imagination of humans throughout the centuries. From the perfect sculptures of the Greco-Roman to the nude painting of Renaissance, the galleries al over the world are full of nude effigies of humans. So why not create more art in an informal setting. Life drawing as a group activity is fun, engaging and satisfying. You leave the room having accomplished something different and that’s what matters.

Hen parties in Ireland are taking up the brushes, at the same time they are enjoying their bubbles in the company of good looking men. Life models are what makes this activity suitable for hens. The guys that work with hen party organisers like Draw a nude,
are charming and talented. Most of all, you will be drawing a sexy model, not just any guy. With the all art materiel provided, our models can come to your private accommodation or we can organise a discreet venue for you.

You can check our Life Drawing Dublin Crew here.

We also organise Kilkenny Life Drawing classes and with our life drawing Limerick is a fancier place.


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