15 Oct 2017

Limerick Strippers News

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Limerick Strippers: More Beer More Fun More Strippers

Limerick has a long tradition of having fun. Who remembers the “Lark in the Park” Festival . Or the time that during the Limerick City of Culture events they brought the Giant Gran up O’Connell Street. Home to The Cranberries, and many other Irish bands, Limerick is the one and only place where your Stag Party can turn into an unforgettable memory. And the Limerick Strippers will give you sound advice about where to go, and what not to do… or feck it! You are going to do it anyways.

Take a tour of Lough Derg. Killaloe is a place full of activities for the lads that still want to prove their skills to the world. The Limerick Strippers will also travel to this great little place full of amazing restaurants and bars. We advise you to choose carefully the time of the Stripogram. Before dinner, a fully nude show from one of our female strippers, can guarantee a smashing way to set off for the night. This is a way to collect a good bit of joking material so you can torment the poor stag for the night.

As the prices of porter and ale are very reasonable in this well known drinking hotspot, don’t ask for the Limerick Strippers visit at 11pm. You will not be on time! And some of you will be breaking the seal at the time of this spicy Stag Party show.

You can give us a call and we will advise you free of charge on you Stag Activities. Check out the specials of the Limerick Strippers menu. Lesbian Shows, Dominatrix Acts, you name it we can do it .

Call the Limerick Strippers early to avoid disappointment.

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