15 Sep 2017

Kilkenny Strippers Review

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Kilkenny Strippers : Making the headlines

Let’s be honest here. The shenanigans that went down in Ballyragget were a tame affair compared to the Kilkenny Strippers Show. Provided by one the best companies in Ireland, these stripograms are a creative bouquet of fully naked memories. The Kilkenny Strippers are not only professional dancers that cater for Stag Parties in this heritage city. Marbled houses go hand in hand with marbled bodies. Most venues in Kilkenny would welcome the Kilkenny Strippers. You can find their charming presence in the An Poc Fada, or Matt the Miller’s, mingling with the lads.  And soon as the music starts these amazing dancers will claim the dancefloor for themselves. Make sure to fill their g-strings with banknotes before it disappears.

Kissing Telegrams: Strippers with a kind heart

The Kissing Telegrams started as an adventure for 18 and 21 year olds that could not handle the full force of a classic stripogram. They are now a sexy entourage that is present in Stag Parties and boys clubs nationwide. The trademark routine remains the innocent peck on the cheek. But that is only the beginning. The Kilkenny Strippers are well trained dancers. They will alternate between themes and costumes to provide a solid show.

Get in touch now with the Kissing Telegrams and we will create a unique show tailored to your needs.

Have you got a wild imagination ? Cos we do !

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