11 Nov 2017

The Booty Cult: From Goddesses to Female Strippers

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Booty : Female Strippers vs Girl Next Door

Our streets are a stage show. Especially the streets of Dublin in a sunny summery day. Ireland has forty shades of rain. But with the sun brings out the beauty of the female booty on the streets. We march through them with the purpose of nourishing the images of each other. Naughty, sensual snippets of improvised memory. Strip show of the moment. Without professional strippers.  Just like the stage of a strippers’ paradise, the rules are simple. Look, enjoy and walk away. And remember.

The Booty worship dates back to the times we males realised the holy purpose that that part of the human body dictates.

“Procreate m********s ! Procreate!”


Ancient Booty Worship

Freya, the Norse goddess had a back side to fit the universe. Vikings warriors marched to victory or death with the Booty in the mind, heart and soul. Dreaming of that round shape that would bear the weight of satisfaction upon their return from their plunderous journeys.

The ancient inhabitants of Malta had the same Booty preferences as the Jamaicans today. Mother Earth was round and to her bare bottom the tribes flocked; desire in heart and phallus in hand. Deep in the ground they worshipped her in secret caves and the rituals involved would get Pornhub closed down in 30 seconds. The Mother, the lover, the semi naked eternal dancer.

The Greeks and the Romans agreed that the Goddess of love, Aphrodite should bare her buttocks to remind them that love is curvy, and warm.


Venus Female Stripper

The Venus with the loveliest bottom

The Callipygian Venus  ( Venus of the beautiful buttocks) was a Goddess that stripped, in the same style that exotic female strippers twerk under the compelling sounds of hip-hop in the Atlanta Strip Clubs.

The story behind the Divine Booty, according to Athenaeus ( Greek Historian) , starts with  two beautiful sisters near Syracuse. They argued over which of them had the shapelier buttocks. So they asked for the opinion of a lucky and wealthy ( note, wealthy)  young fella passing by. They showed themselves off to the traveller, and he voted for the older sister. Unable to forget that Booty he fell ill with love sickness. Learning what had happened, the man’s younger brother went out to see the girls for himself, and fell in love with… well, the second pair of buttocks. Thereafter the brothers refused to consider any other brides, so their father arranged for the sisters to come marry them. The citizens dubbed the sisters “Kallipygos” (“Women with Beautiful Buttocks”).Since they got married to the Jay Zs of the time they built a temple to Aphrodite, calling her Kallipygos.

The buttocks are the hero of this story and many other stories that are to fill the centuries of human history.

Marble or Jelly: The fatal touch

Female strippers and body worshiping fit-freaks spend decades in the gym working on that muscle to get the squat booty. But the rock hard melon shaped weapon of erection  wasn’t always in fashion. From the middle ages to the late 60s a good layer of fat was obligatory.It reminded the candidates of joyful copulation that heat was there and it was theirs….if they worked hard enough.

The  burlesque strippers from the 30s had to offer a prime example of what most women are trying to get rid of. Why ?!? A booty is not only muscle and shape.It has a personality. Fat adds to the personality.

But the times have changed and the booty personality is created under the care of gym instructors not pastry chefs.

The Booty Mechanics

The Muscle that is behind the shape and tenderness of the back side is called Gluteus Maximus. It’s main job is to allow us to get out of bed in the morning. The whole body takes the command from the booty and does the “get up and go” routine

Furthermore, all booties have a common  amazing ability. Their effect changes the form of other reproductive temples of the human body. Depending on the sexual orientation of the participants when the booty appears,  the phallus hardens, the vagina hydrates, the nippels stand in attention. The booty is the lighthouse of human sexuality showing the ship the safe harbour. The booty itself doesn’t change it’s form in this basic process of human attraction. It stands proud knowing well​ it’s value.

Such is the power of the beauty of the Booty that professional  female strippers dedicate 40% of their routines to the butt-face dance. And female strippers have a few tricks up their sleeve in order to create a high impact bootilicious experience.

The men that receive this special stripper treatment have no words left to describe it. As they walk away dazed from the butt, they just smile ….

Looking Forward : The Booty will endure

From Goddesses to Female strippers the booty remains an undisputed  object of veneration throughout the ages. And this is the age of tight yoga pants and skinny jeans. The shape is clear, and so are the human instincts.

The Booty will be worshiped either as a fully clothed shape of daydreaming belonging to a fleeting beauty on the street or as a fully disclosed shiny muscle wiggling in one’s face. The latter could belong to a well drilled female stripper. The former is free.

Long live the booty and remember the closer you are to the booty the closer you are to your personal Goddess.

Praise  the Goddess . Up the booty. Ass arise.

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