Parties: Life Drawing Parties

Life Drawing Parties for every season From Christmas Parties to 21st Birthday Parties, Life Drawing Parties are always in fashion. While not for everybody, I bet that a party with a Life Drawing Model, nude on your couch will impress your guests. Yes, the sight of a picture-perfect model, muscles curves and looks, always causes.. read more →

Life Drawing Models Home Page

Life Drawing Models in Ireland  We decided to bring Art to the masses – Life Drawing Hen Party  Life Drawing Models are first and foremost absolutely beautiful humans. You need gorgeous male and female models to wake up the artist in you. Life drawing hen parties are ideal for all types of arty hens and.. read more →

Galway Strippers Updates

Galway Strippers : Full Sail to New York The Galway Strippers story started with a the arrival of a super yacht. The Volvo Race brought a mad crew of sailors and party heads to this Arty City. A few of our Strippers performed from ship to ship. And a couple stayed. As you do. It.. read more →

Carrick on Shannon Strippers

Male Strippers vs Female Strippers We need to make this distinction when we  speak about Carrick on Shannon Strippers. Hen parties were the first to hit Carrick on Shannon. Their army, dressed in pink fatigues, invaded this quiet town and brought laughter and naught. But the Stags were not far behind. And with them the.. read more →

The Booty Cult: From Goddesses to Female Strippers

Booty : Female Strippers vs Girl Next Door Our streets are a stage show. Especially the streets of Dublin in a sunny summery day. Ireland has forty shades of rain. But with the sun brings out the beauty of the female booty on the streets. We march through them with the purpose of nourishing the.. read more →

Limerick Strippers News

Limerick Strippers: More Beer More Fun More Strippers Limerick has a long tradition of having fun. Who remembers the “Lark in the Park” Festival . Or the time that during the Limerick City of Culture events they brought the Giant Gran up O’Connell Street. Home to The Cranberries, and many other Irish bands, Limerick is.. read more →

Kilkenny Strippers Review

Kilkenny Strippers : Making the headlines Let’s be honest here. The shenanigans that went down in Ballyragget were a tame affair compared to the Kilkenny Strippers Show. Provided by one the best companies in Ireland, these stripograms are a creative bouquet of fully naked memories. The Kilkenny Strippers are not only professional dancers that cater.. read more →