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Kissing Telegrams : A history of Irish Strippers

A Kissing Telegram is not a text message that you can read, delete, archive or forward. The Irish Strippers know it well!

A Kissing Telegram is a moment in time conceived by a well meaning master of mischief that has entrusted us with the design and delivery of this unique show.

We are the  Kissing Telegrams. Our HQ is in Dublin Ireland, but we can reach all the four corners of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Kissing Telegrams  have created a versatile show by  navigating through smoke and mirrors and investing time and sweat in perfecting that tender message that you wanted so much to say to your loved ones. We pack beauty confidence and naughtiness in the time frame of a Kissing Telegram. We conquer the room with our dramatic presence and the sheer stunning looks of our Gentlemen and Ladies … our Irish Strippers.

Hen Party and Stag party organizers, be well advised; costumes are a must . We have all the classic stripper costumes but you can choose to design your own. Are you the bridesmaid of honor sending a fiery Fireman to quench the flames of the Bride-to-be? Are you the naughty sibling paying back your brother for all the cookie jar mishaps with a Male Stripper Full Monty Show? Or the rebel in the office sending a dominatrix to your boss’s birthday party?

Come talk to us

Choose the costume and a well drilled Male or Lady Stripper will fulfill your most elaborate request. We will plan this operation together with military precision and giggle throughout the phone call. Put your Hen Party crew on loud speaker 😉

We will travel to the Google maps’ pin that you drop on our dashboard. Ireland is full of amazing Hen Party hubs, from Letterkenny to Dingle, from Wexford to Lahinch we have performed in every type of fun providing establishment in Ireland. No place is  too far for our Stripping adventures.

Our Male and Lady Irish Strippers work under the guidance of seasoned theater performers and our programme is rich with naughtiness, imagination and care.

Male Strippers, check .Lady Strippers,check. Costumes, check.Sound equipment,check.

Let’s wow the Hen Parties, Stag Parties, birthday dos around Ireland.

We are off to the next Strippogram or Kissogram.

Love, peace and strip tease

The Kissing Telegrams

Dublin, Ireland